Passion, experience and quality: the secret of more than thirty years of tradition


A gourmet heart

Cucina Nostrana includes in each of its dishes a secret ingredient: the passionate commitment of those who created it, of those who produce these dishes every day, in order to achieve our mission of guaranteeing the artisanal quality classic to traditional cuisine. Even though our company has grown over the years, the fine quality of Cucina Nostrana’s products has remained unaltered right from our beginnings as a modest shop purveying select fine foods.

Ours is a quality assurance that makes a real difference. The fruit of our tradition and philosophy is a continually increasing sales performance and a clientele that includes some of the most prestigious outlets in food retailing distribution, from large distributors to numerous small specialised retail shops. Each and every day, Cucina Nostrana represents a benchmark in the areas of northern and central Italy.


Thirty years of fine taste

The fundamental ingredient of the Cucina Nostrana recipe is experience, a thoroughgoing professionalism that spans three decades of history. Cucina Nostrana saw its beginnings in the early 1980s, as a fine-food producer in the heart of the city of Mestre. In the back of the shop, specialty foods were produced for sale in the front to a limited clientele of retailers. In 1985, a significant growth in specialty production for other companies led to the transformation of the shop into a small gastronomic items production facility in Maerne di Martellago, in the province of Venice.
The dishes created by Cucina Nostrana met growing enthusiasm and began to find a place in the large retailing distribution networks. Following continued strong growth and increasing market demand, a second facility was inaugurated in 1994 in Quarto d’Altino. Today, Cucina Nostrana is located in the industrial area of Maerne di Martellago in a brand new, avant-garde facility covering some 9,000 This has allowed us, since 2001, a significant enlargement in our production, and hence in our market presence.


Healthfulness and safety

Uncompromising quality is the foundation of Cucina Nostrana recipes. The company’s entire production process, from selection of suppliers through to assisting the end customer, is meticulously monitored and inspected by our Quality Department, which was established to ensure the highest possible degree of quality at every step of production, utilising HAACP protocols. State-of-the-art technology in our facility, uncompromising hygienic conditions in our work areas, and the professionalism of our technical staff ensure the health, safety, soundness, and absolute quality of what we produce.

Efficiency is the watchword of Cucina Nostrana’s daily activities, right from the reception of the order through to the delivery of the product to the customer, always offering service that is at the same time swift, precise, and flexible. Cucina Nosrana has created a specialised microbiological analysis lab for food products, simply one more proof of the utter reliability of a brand that has never faltered in investing continuously in technological advancement.